About Us

George’s interest and passion for cars started in his early years growing up and working in an auto salvage yard. That passion has followed him through life to the present day where George has collected and refurbished some of his favorite cars from the 1950’s and 1960’s. He has purchased project cars that had to be frame off restored. Having an eye for the finer details, George has put together grade “A” show cars¬† that have went on to win national car show titles. Over time this has led him to have the privilege to also judge at national championship car shows. Today, George brings that expertise to his customers and continues his passion in the pursuit of unique classic cars and parts that complete the package to those excellent standards. Recently retired from his ‘day job’, George is now able to focus more of his time and attention on what he loves most, chasing down cars,¬† and looking to match owners with the perfect car of their dreams.

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